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What are we here for?


We're here to give you Freedom. We understand that Freedom looks different for different people. Freedom for you might mean more time with your family, retiring early or moving to the beach. It might mean planting trees or giving back to your community in some great way. Whatever it means for you, we’ll find out, and make sure you get there.


How do we give you Freedom?


We’ll be maximising your returns, minimising vacancies and keeping your properties safe and compliant. We'll take exceptional care of your investment, after all it's what we do best, giving you the Freedom to do what you want.



6 Reasons you’ll love working with us

We are looking for a long-term relationship

On average our Property Managers have been with us for 7 ½ years. You’ll enjoy a consistent voice on the phone and continuity of service.

Diversity of skills and backgrounds

We are not your ordinary Property Manager. Our diverse team brings vast experience from a range of industries – including Real Estate, Tech, Law, Finance and Accounting. We’ve got the skills to help you succeed.

We are 100% dedicated to Property Management

We are focussed on growing your wealth and taking the stress out of property investing. We are always up with the play on compliance and experts in tenancy law. We’ll take care of the detail, so you don’t have to.

We are local, independent and agile

We are a family owned business, born and bred in the Waikato. We know the value of a good reputation and strong word of mouth.

We have skin in the game too

Our Property Managers and management team are investors too – we own over 50 properties between us. Some of us are also tenants. We walk in your shoes.

Transparent and highly competitive fee structure

Our all-inclusive 7.9% (+GST) management fee means no surprise charges on your rental statements and ensures your rental returns are maximised.

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Wanting to talk more?


Whether you’re an experienced investor or new to the game, we’ve got a lot to offer.

Are you keeping up with changing legislation and compliance standards? Are you watching the market and maximizing your rental income? Have you negotiated bulk discounts with your local tradesmen? Do you background check your tenants? We’ve got all this covered, and much more.

Get in touch for a chat and a second opinion on your investment property.

We’d love to help you find your Freedom.

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