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What Our Clients Say

We think we're pretty good. But don't just take our word for it. Here's what just a few of our clients had to say about us.

“I have been managing my rental portfolio by myself for the past 12 years. I believe if you want a thing done properly you have to do it yourself. In response to other pressures, I engaged Waikato Real Estate to take on one, then three of my properties. I have been both pleased and disappointed with that decision. Pleased that Hayden Mai consistently selects better tenants and manages to get higher rentals than I have done, and disappointed that I did not get Waikato Real Estate to manage my portfolio years ago. The rest of my portfolio is being systematically handed over to them.”

- Dave Rennie

“I have found that the staff and management of Waikato Real Estate are exemplary. They are professional, their customer service is excellent, they always ensure that your informed of events that will take place at your place of residence so as not to impose on your privacy which is crucial and also ensure that financial issues are attended on time, in an acceptable manner and with agreement between both parties. Their rental prices are also affordable.”

- Maude Lorraine Kutuapi

“Hayden your firm is excellent. Your service is exemplary. Good vetting of prospective tenants.”

- S & D Matthews

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